Jefferson County Pennsylvania An Illustrated History


Authors: Carole Briggs, Thomas Curry, Eugene Deible III, James Sterrett

This book traces what is known of the Paleo-Indians, who trod softly through the forests, and of the later Native Americans, who fled as Europeans moved westward.  The stories of nineteenth-century immigration into the county and how these settlers used the county’s rich resources that are here.  But primarily this is the story of the second century of the county.  Here are stories of the rise and fall of the coal industry and the rebirth of the lumber industry.  Readers will glance at the emergence of small, locally operated businesses and the growth of one that became a Fortune 500 company.  Here, too, are the stories of some things in common, those things shared by the people of Jefferson County—the schools, tragedies, conflicts, and celebrations that have shaped the people and that the people themselves have fashioned to their own needs.

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