Brockway and Area A Narrative History


Author: Lewis D. Reddinger

A narrative history of the Brockway Area, Jefferson Co. PA was written by Lewis D. Reddinger, a local historian, in recognition of the 1836 – Brockway Sesquicentennial – 1986. The book chronicles the Brockway family settlers who arrived in 1822 and later the contributions of Asaph M. Clarke as he had the land surveyed into the streets of Brockwayville. Railroads brought prosperity. Industries that included lumbering, coal mining, glass manufacturing, clay tile and pipe production and powdered metals led to the growth of the community. Stories of the people and the events from 1836-1986 are the results of ten years of writing by the author. Photographs are from the files of the Brockway Area Historical Society.

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