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765 Park Street,   PO Box 73

Brockway, PA  15824   
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Brockway Historical Timeline
1681 –  William Penn received a charter for the colony of Pennsylvania from King Charles II of England.

1755 –  Two young women who were abducted by Native Americans were taken through what is now Jefferson Co. and were likely the first white persons to be here.

1768 –  By the Treaty of Fort Stanwix, now Rome, New York., Native Americans gave up the right to the land now included in Jefferson County.

1776 –  The Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia.

1797 –  The first settlers’ cabin within Jefferson County was built by the Barnett family in Port Barnett, near Brookville.

1798 –  General Wade and his friend Slade became the first white settlers on Toby Creek.

1802 –  John, Jacob, and Peter Vasbinder became the first settlers in what is now Warsaw Township.

1804 –  Jefferson County, named for President Thomas Jefferson, then in office, was formed from Lycoming County.  The Brockway area was originally in Pinecreek Township in the new county.

1821 –  John Smith Brockway purchased the land upon which Brockway would be built at a treasurer’s sale in Indiana, Pa.   
 1822 –  James M. and Alonzo Brockway, brothers of John, settled along Toby Creek at the site of Brockway.

1824 –  Henry Keys, John McGhee, Thomas Moore, Alexander Osborne and John McIntosh arrived in the Beechwoods and began the Scotch-Irish settlement there.

1825 –  The Ceres Road, from Indiana, Pa. to Ceres on the New York state line, was surveyed through Brockway.  It was completed in 1828.

1826 –  Ridgway Township, Jefferson County, named for Jacob Ridgway, a Philadelphia merchant who owned a great deal of land in western Pennsylvania, was formed from Pinecreek Township.  It included the site of Brockway.

1828 –  The first school opened in the Brockway area, and A. M. Clarke was the first teacher.

1829 –  A post office was established in Brockwayville, and Alonzo Brockway was the first post master.

1830 –  The first lumber was rafted from the Brockway area to Pittsburgh, the forerunner of a huge industry later in the century.

1832 –  Beechwoods Presbyterian Church was founded with ten charter members.

1835 –  Snyder Township, named for Pennsylvania Governor Simon Snyder, was formed from Pinecreek and Ridgway Townships.

1836 –  Brockwayville was laid out as a town by Dr. A. M. Clarke.

1838 –  Paul Vandevort and Fredrick Hetrick became the first settlers in what is now Polk Township.

1839 –  Washington Township, named for the first President, was formed from Pinecreek and Snyder Townships.

1842 –  Warsaw Township, named for the Polish city then fighting for a democratic government, was formed from Pinecreek Township.

1843 –  Ridgway Township, Jefferson County became part of  newly formed Elk County.

1845 –  A Methodist Episcopal Church was established in Brockwayville.  Its first church building was constructed in 1861.

1849 –  English immigrants, Robinsons, Holts and others, began to settle in Sugar Hill, in Snyder Township west of Brockwayville. 

1850 –  Horton Township, Elk County was created out of Fox Township and was named for a prominent area family.

1851 –  Polk Township, named for President James K. Polk, was formed from Warsaw and Snyder Townships.

1857 –  Norman B. Lane began lumbering operations at Lanes Mills.

1860 –  J. B. Cuneo was the first Italian immigrant to settle in the area.

1863 –  Nichols M. Brockway formed a volunteer company, Co. G, 57th Regiment, in the Brockwayville area to fight in the Civil War.

1871 –  The Brockwayille Register, the first newspaper in the town, was published by R. O. Moorhead.

1876 –  A cube of coal, weighing over a ton, mined from the John Keys farm just west of town was exhibited at the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia.  It was taken from there to the Smithsonian.

1883 –  The town of Brockwayville was incorporated.

1883 –  The B. R. & P. Railroad began service through Brockwayville.

1884 –  Brockwayville Presbyterian Church was founded.

1886 –  East Clarion Mines opened at Crenshaw.

1890 –  Natural gas came to Brockwayville and was used for street lights.

1894 –  Brockwayville Free Methodist Church was founded.

1896 –  Telephone service was introduced into Brockwayville.

1897 –  Glass was first made in Brockwayville.  

1897 –  Brockwayville Water Company was formed.

1898 –  Roman Catholic Church of St. Tobias, named in honor of Bishop Tobias Mullen, was founded.  The original church building was completed in 1904.

1898 –  West Clarion Mine opened.
1903 –  A high school was established in Brockwayville.

1904 –  Brockwayville Volunteer Hose Company began its service to the community.

1906 –  Brockwayville Machine Bottle Company was incorporated.

1907 –  Brockwayville Machine Bottle Company’s first bottle was pressed, blown and annealed.

1913 - Main Street in Brockwayville was paved with Shawmut bricks.  The paving was completed in 1914.

1919 –  The first motorized firefighting equipment was purchased by the Hose Company and paid for by public donation.

1921 –  Electricity was first transmitted in Brockwayville.

1921 –  Brockwayville Publishing Company, Inc. was organized to print the Brockwayville Record.

1925 –  Brockwayville had its named shortened to Brockway.

1926 –  Brockway Clay Company was founded by Dr. H. E. Kilgus.

1933 –  Brockway Glass Company came into existence through the merger of Brockway Machine Bottle Co. and Brockway Sales Co..
1936 –  Pennsylvania Game Commission Training School was established in Snyder Township northwest of Brockway.

1938 –  Brockway and Snyder Township schools were consolidated.

1941 –  Brockway Glass Co. Plant #2 (now #19) was put into operation.

1945 –  Brockway Seventh Day Adventist Church was formed.

1951 –  The Brockway-Snyder School District was expanded to include Washington Township.

1953 –  Brockway Pressed Metals was begun by John Verne.

1953 –  Brockway Area Historical Society was founded.  It was incorporated in 1970.

1958 –  Toby Creek Flood Control project was completed.

1958 –  Brockway Area High School on North Street was opened.

1960 –  Christian and Missionary Alliance Church was formed in Brockway.

1960 –  DuBois-Jefferson County Airport, now DuBois Regional Airport, in Washington Township began commercial operations.

1961 –  Taylor Memorial Park was dedicated as a part of Brockway’s 125th anniversary celebration.

1961 –  Polk Twp. became part of the Brockway Area school district.

1964 –  Brockway Glass Company doubled its size with the purchase of six former Hazel-Atlas glass container plants, and its factories were located from coast to coast.

1965 –  Brockway Public Library opened. It moved into the Glenn A. Mengle Memorial Library building in 1973.  It now holds nearly 40,000 items.

1967 –  Toby Creek Watershed Association was formed.

1968 –  A new elementary school, which consolidated all the district’s K-6  students in one building, opened on North Street.

1970 –  The completion of Interstate 80 across Pennsylvania provided greater accessibility to this area.

1973 –  Brockway Area Ambulance Association was formed.

1973 –  South Horton in Elk County  joined the Brockway Area School District.

1973 –  Brockway Area Historical Society’s Taylor Memorial Museum opened in Taylor Park.  It houses the McCauley Exhibit of early lumbering in the Toby Valley and many other displays.

1983 –  Toby Terrace, an independent living complex on Main Street, opened.

1985 - Brockway Glass Co., by now Brockway, Inc. and a Fortune 500    company, moved its corporate headquarters to Jacksonville, FL.

1988 –  Brockway, Inc. was purchased by Owens-Illinois, Inc.

1991 –  The Brockway Glass Annex was opened in the Taylor Museum.

1992 –  The Brockway Record ceased publication.

1992 –  Highland View Health Care, a nursing and rehabilitation facility opened.

1994 –  Use of a new football facility, now Frank Varischetti Field, began.

1994 –  Parkside Elder Care, an assisted living complex, opened.

1996 –  Brockway Industrial Park was established.

2002 –  Rails-to-Trails opened from Brockway to Ridgway on the former Pennsylvania Railroad line.

2003 - Brockwayville Depot, which incorporated the renovated B.R.&P.  Railroad station, opened as a senior center.

2005 –  Phoenix Sintered Metals, Inc. began operation after purchasing the former Brockway Pressed Metals.

2006 –  “Theater in the Park”  organization constructed the American Legion Memorial Stage.

2007 - The Brockway Area Sewage Assoc. expanded service into the townships.

2008 - The Brockway Area Historical Society celebrated the borough’s 125th anniversary of incorporation in 1883.

2013-  Il Villagio opened as an independent living facility.

2013-  [email protected], a branch of Butler Co. Community College, began classes.

2013-  Brockway Center for Arts and Technology offers employment and youth and arts programs.

2014-  The Arch Street arch was removed.